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How do you ship a high end used saddle?

Hi everyone! Our blog is (finally!) up and running. We are here to offer tips and guidance in all things high end used saddles and tack! If you have any questions you are burning to have answered let me know. Here's one we get quite often, so whether you are selling or purchasing a used saddle here is great info on keeping your saddle safe while it's headed to its destination! My lovely assistant aka Albert aka fiance will demonstrate the proper way to pack a saddle so it arrives safely to it's destination!

Step 1- the BOX Find a box that's not too big and not too small. You want the saddle to not fit too tight but also not too snug and not move around!

My go-to for most close contact saddles is an 18Lx18Wx24H tall box.. I also love the double corrugated boxes (you can find ones like what we use at Home Depot or Lowes!). They are practically uncrushable so perfect for your high end used saddle! Step 2- H taping! This is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Make an "H" shape with the tape by taping the the sides as well as the middle seam!

Step 3-

Line the bottom with paper....

and hope that you don't have a little mooch running around that tries to steal it...

He has NO shame...

Step 4- Our model today is a gorgeous gently used CWD saddle. We put ours in a bubble wrap bag but a layer of bubble wrap works here too! Added perk- its water resistance helps protect the saddle. We also place the saddle in the box caddy cornered and cantle up to balance out the weight and protect the most vulnerable part of the saddle against drops.

One more piece of bubble wrap around the cantle and some airbags to fill out the empty space..

(paper works here too)

More paper!!!

H-taping the top..

And VOILA! You have a saddle packed safe and secure and ready for the ride to it's new home! Now you can let your inner graffiti artist out and tag "fragile/handle with care" stickers all over the box and send it on its way!

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