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Saddle Fitting Form
Not sure what you are looking for?
Fill out our fitting form for a curated list of saddles that fit your needs. 
Rider Fit Questionnaire
Leg Lengthshortslightly shorteraveragelongvery longLeg Length
hip-to-knee lengthshortslightly shorteraveragelongvery longhip-to-knee length
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Upload Photo
Horse Fit Questionnaire
Do you want to fit a specific horse or a variety of horses?
If you chose a variety, feel free to scroll to the bottom and submit the form for our review.
For help with a specific horse please fill out the below questionnaire.
What is your horse's build?NarrowSlightly NarrowAverageSlightly WideWideWhat is your horse's build?
What size is your horse's shoulder?Slab/StraightSlightly StraighterAverageSlightly LargerLargeWhat size is your horse's shoulder?
What size is your horse's wither?Mutton/LowSlightly LowerAverageSlightly ProminentProminentWhat size is your horse's wither?
*Please have your horse stand square on a level surface for photos*
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Thank you for filling out our fitting form. Our saddle fitter will get back to you as soon as possible with a. curated selection of saddles to fit your needs.

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