Beautiful 2016 18" Antares Connexion  saddle for sale! Soft grippy grain leather! Semi-deep seat for comfort for both horse and rider and easy to get out of the tack when needed. The security and perfect balance Antares is known for in Antares most popular model on the market! Features a 4.25" tree, and 3AA (slightly longer / extra forward) flaps, perfect for a rider with a long hip to knee!  Paneled great for a broader back build who benefits from front gussets and also needs room for a large shoulder! Features front and back blocks, saddle cover included!

Seat- 18"
Tree- 4.25"
Flap Length- 14.25"
Flap Width- 15"

18" Antares | 2016 | 3AA | 4.25"

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