Stunning 2016 17" CWD SE06 for sale!! Full CALF! Soft grippy leather! Features full length billet guards to protect the saddle from wear and tear and front and rear blocks for a more supported lower leg position. Perfectly balanced with freedom to move with the horse yet independently while still remaining completely secure in the tack! Features an approximately 4.25" (measures a hair under) tree, 2L (standard length / standard forward) flaps, and paneling to fit a variety of horses including CWD's RT panel for more room through the horse's shoulder. Saddle cover included!


Seat- 17"

Tree- 4.25"

Flap Length- 14"

Flap Width- 13.75"


ALL SADDLES COME WITH AN AUTOMATIC 4-DAY TRIAL WITH PURCHASE! Simply purchase the saddle and you receive an automatic 4 day trial which starts the day you receive the saddle. Click here for more trial info!

17" CWD | 2016 | 2L | 4.25"

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